How To Keep Long Distance Relationships

let you find single women or men in the same state and city but you might like a person from another country or who is far away.

It is also possible that you might have to leave your partner for some work based on traveling. In such cases, tips and tricks to maintain a long-distance relationship is something that will not only help you save the relationship but also make you both happy.

Most couples break up because of this distance. says that 25-50% of all college relationships are LDR. Some of the reasons being that they are not giving each other enough time, they think their partner is cheating, or this distance is just not working out. Fear not because now you can stay happy in your serious committed distant relationship.

Figure out a time

Couples always think that the other person is trying to avoid or is cheating on them and that is why they are not picking up the phone. That is not the case. Sometimes your partners are just busy with work or are sleeping. That is why it is suggested to decide a time during which both of you will be free to talk your hearts out.

This will help to clear 90% of problems from long-distance relationships. If you cannot talk during that time, just leave a message and propose another time. You must give importance to this “couple time”.

Avoid posting pictures with other sexes

Posting pictures in a group is fine but uploading a picture with you and a different girl on social media can cause a lot of problems. Maybe you talk to your partner about the picture and the context. Later when you upload it, there are no problems. Nowadays, there is a status on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook where you can upload couples pictures telling everybody how much you miss each other. It keeps the commitment strong.

Say “I will not leave you”

Long distance relationships create a lot of insecurities. Fights will also take place irrespective of distance, time, and age. You just have to let your partner know that you will never leave them (if you ready for such commitment).

This creates a sense of security in the partner’s mind. It is very easy to start imagining things in the head and making a conclusion based on that. Saying a few compliments will not hurt your vocabulary so bring out the poet in you sometimes.

Resolve fights before you sleep

Never go to sleep with the fight going on. You must realize that both of you are far and there is nobody other than you to understand each other. It is not enough to find a woman online or man and then bringing ego between your relationship. You need to sacrifice some of it. It is not about apologizing, it’s a bit more about understanding and a commitment to carry on the relationship.

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